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Content: This is your opportunity to shine!  Use all the skills you have to present your best work!

For  Assignment #4 and $5  or garment you are showing:

  1. Statement
  2. Research images
  3. Flat Sketches
  4. Swatches
  5. Documentation of final garment.  Good photograph on a body or dress form.

Here is a sample of the ART 492 Students final portfolio.


In preparation for Project #5, this is a great opportunity to make your visit to the IFF!


Annular Hyperbolic Surfaces
Saturday, January 26 from 3pm – 6pm

Mathematicians long believed it was impossible to make models of hyperbolic space. Then the great Cornell geometer Bill Thurston discovered he could make them from circular rings of paper. Thurston’s model in turn inspired Dr. Daina Tamina to invent hyperbolic crochet. In this workshop we offer a rare opportunity to construct Thurston’s model of hyperbolic space. Led by mathematician Darryl Yong and using beautiful die-cut rings stamped specially for this event, we’ll construct hyperbolic surfaces. This is a one-off workshop. Seating is limited.

Dr. Darryl Yong is a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College with a special interest in math education and outreach.